A big day out…

I am a very lucky lady. I am currently on a train to London to attend the mumsnet blogfest event. I am a very new blogger so really my attendance is totally unnecessary but my lovely husband encouraged me to come and now I have a whole day of child free, job free time.

While there are plenty of ladies with equally supportive husbands (one lady has come all the way from Australia after her husband bought her a ticket as a surprise) there are plenty who have to fight for any ‘me time’ and are then expected to be hugely grateful. Tomorrow I will be taking some time to remember those who died for their country and being grateful for their sacrifice but today, on a much smaller scale, I will be focusing my gratefulness on the fact that I was lucky enough to fall in love with a man who supports me in everything I do and encourages my endeavours even when they are clearly bonkers.

There are almost certainly people out there who didn’t even mention blogfest to their partners because they knew they wouldn’t be able to go. Or the fallout from going wouldn’t be worth it. I didn’t get it right first time and my amazingly supportive husband is my second attempt at marriage so I say this with some experience.

My train is nearly at its destination so I will be off on my big day out now, excited about the new experiences ahead, looking forward to meeting lots of new people and feeling very grateful.

P.S. In the battle of comfort over style I went for the lovely skirt.


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